“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” – Fred DeVito

These thrusters challenged Monica. They were heavy. And there was 30 of them….AND they were at the end of a grueling workout. But that’s the thing about Monica…she keeps on fighting. She went from getting singles at this weight to hitting triples. Your dedication and perseverance is contagious. Keep up the good work and best lifting faces around, Monica!

“The Cub”:
5 sets x 5 reps of Bear Complex

1 Rep of Bear Complex includes:
Power Clean+Front Squat+Press (set behind the neck)+Back Squat+Press (back to front rack)

- Touch & go b/w reps(no resting barbell in b/w reps)
- Goal is to increase weight each round
- Rest as needed between sets
- Must power clean the bar to standing position then front squat the bar

Keelee Mitchel

Published by Keelee Mitchel