• CrossFit Strength Haven Shannon Galloway

    CFSH Athlete-

    Before I came to CFSH, I belonged to another Austin area gym.  I would run 3 miles once a week and maybe go to a group fitness class or two, but I really struggled with consistency.  I’m a stay at home mom during the day, and teach a couple of high school science classes online during the time that my daughter is at a Mother’s Day Out program, so consistently finding time during the day to workout is challenging.  I was always dependent on others to be able to watch her so I could get a class in...
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  • CrossFit Strength Haven Nastassja Baez

    CFSH Athlete!!

    Before I started Crossfit, a year ago, I used to go to a regular gym and run 3-5 miles, at least twice a week. Jamie (my fiancée) and I used to live by Parmer and Lamar, and my office’s gym was only 4 miles aways.

    I’ve always enjoyed working out and being consistent, however going to a regular gym, when you don’t have a clue of what you’re doing, can be intimidating. Jamie and I moved by Dessau and Breaker, I started to work from home and stopped going to gym. The gym was boring and far from...
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  • CrossFit Strength Haven Karlyn Sanchez

    CFSH Athlete!!!

    “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”

    I went from doing horrible dieting like starving myself, diet pills, detox cleansing to even finding myself in the bathroom at the toilet after eating a meal.  I was afraid to go to the doctor and get diagnosed with bulimia but every single symptom I had was the description of bulimia (bulimia Is a serious eating disorder marked by binging, followed by methods to avoid weight gain). I did not know if it was a combination of my depression, anxiety or Body Dysmorphic Disorder  (BDD is a mental disorder...
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  • CrossFit Strength Haven Claudia de la Garza

    CFSH athlete Since March 2018
    The last quarter of 2017 I was diagnosed with a hormonal disorder called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). PCOS causes ovarian cysts, it affects the way an individual maintains weight, and interferes with having consistent menstrual cycles; which can lead to difficulty conceiving. I was relieved to have found an answer to my health issues, but I knew I had to do something more. I constantly thought about a future I might not be able to provide, I wasn’t feeling my best, looking in the mirror was a daily struggle, and the...
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