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Before I came to CFSH, I belonged to another Austin area gym. I would run 3 miles once a week and
maybe go to a group fitness class or two, but I really struggled with consistency. I’m a stay at home
mom during the day, and teach a couple of high school science classes online during the time that my
daughter is at a Mother’s Day Out program, so consistently finding time during the day to workout is
challenging. I was always dependent on others to be able to watch her so I could get a class in at a gym.
As 2018 started, I was looking to find some new program that I could follow to get back in better shape.
I was considering making a commitment to getting up early in the morning and doing some fitness
program at home. My sister suggested I try CrossFit. She said that community was really important in
consistently sticking with a fitness program, and boy was she right! We tried a sample class at 6 AM on
a Wednesday morning, and they were doing cleans. I’d never done anything like that before, and it was
a lot of fun! I never thought I was a morning exerciser before, but the time really works for me and my
family’s schedule, and I really enjoy seeing the same people in class every day and getting to know them
as we work on our fitness together. When you’re trying a new movement and are questioning yourself,
it’s so encouraging to have other people there who might feel the same way. And then you all go and
try it together and do the best at it that you can, and get a little closer to your fitness goals than you
were before. I knew that the community I found at Strength Haven and the variety of movements
(there’s always a new challenge to work on!) would keep me coming back consistently. It’s a thousand
times more fun than doing something at home alone!
Over the past 9 months that I’ve been doing CrossFit, I’ve gotten stronger and leaner. I feel good about
my fitness and where I am, and I have more energy to give to my job and my family. I love CrossFit’s
attitude of just doing your best at the level that you are at. It has encouraged me to try new things and
challenge myself, and then when I find out I can do something new (like climb a rope!), I gain in
confidence and am excited to work on something else that I can’t do yet. I’ve really come to value this
time when I can work on myself and my fitness, and do it with coaches that care about me and friends
who are working towards their own goals. I would encourage anyone who wants to become more fit to
give CFSH a try- pick a time that works for your family and just keep coming. There’s a whole
community here that will come alongside you and cheer you on as you work on being your best, most fit