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In an effort to lose weight in my late teens/early 20s, I can remember trying different diet trends
(Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig), taking different diet pills, getting acupuncture and injections. I
believed then that a quick fix to lose weight was the best and easy way to shed pounds. People who
recommended such quick fixes had success, so why couldn’t I? But when all that didn’t work, I tried
something different. I began exercising a lot more (swimming, spinning, cardio, free weights) and
ate 1000 calories or less a day. Although I did have some success in losing some weight initially, I
always ended up with the same results as the quick fixes: lost weight but after discontinuing the
exercise regimen and calorie deficit eating, I gained more weight than I had lost and at a faster rate.
Reason behind this insanity was because males paid more attention to the skinny girl than the curvy
girl. I wanted to look like the girls in my school which were skinny. Being voluptuous/curvy (big
hips, thighs, and chest) was considered overweight/fat and this in a sense damaged my
outlook/vision of myself. Because of this, I have been very hard on myself in regards to how my
body looks which had caused me to feel depressed at times.
Skipping forward to early 2015, I suffered a tragic loss. Since then, I made the conscious decision to
focus on getting healthy and move up in my profession. I began little by little watching what I was
eating to the point that I stopped eating out and since I lived at home with my parents, my mom
helped me prepare my meals and I was more conscious on my physical activity. I was successful in
losing weight, however I did not reach my goal weight or size but I was a lot happier than before
and felt great. This instance took time and I was not being guided on what to eat or how to exercise
by anyone, which did make it a bit difficult.
Then I moved to Austin at the end of 2015 and maintained my weight for several months because I
continued preparing my meals and joined Orange Theory Fitness (“OTF”). But as soon as I
stopped going to OTF and preparing my own meals, I lost tract of being healthy because of several
life factors. I ended up getting to my heaviest weight, which was very uncomfortable for me
because my clothes did not fit anymore and walking blocks and climbing stairs was becoming a bit
challenging for me. So I again began taking baby steps to get back in to a healthy lifestyle.
Thankfully I was heading in the right direction. While beginning this new lifestyle again, I reflected
on my past with losing weight and decided that I needed to change my strategy. So I started with
eating clean again, three meals a day, walking in the mornings and evenings and cycling sporadically.
During this time, I had moved by Dessau between the Rundberg-Braker area. I can remember there
were plenty of times that I would pass by the CrossFit Strength Haven (“CFSH”) box and I was
always nudged to look at the box but I never stopped to inquire nor look up the box online. Why?
Because I have always been intimidated by CrossFit (“CF”) athletes and the coaches themselves
(generally they didn’t seem inviting nor caring at all). I believed you had to be in the best shape in
order to succeed in CF.
Few months passed by and surprisingly my roommate began going to CFSH box. She mentioned it
to me, but at the time, I had reservations of going because of my negative presumptions of CF. It
wasn’t until she explained to me how the classes at CFSH were set up that I became intrigued (class
for beginners) and how the coaches really help and pay attention to you. Also, what I liked is that
you get your first class for free so you can try it out to see if you like it. To my surprise, after my
first class in late April, I was hooked and found my new workout routine.

Why did I make this my workout routine? Well, I love to work in a group/team setting and CFSH
definitely provides this. In addition, working out in a group makes me give it my all and compete in
a healthy manner with other athletes. Another reason is because of the coaches at CFSH. Although
each one is unique in their own way, I can say that each coach possess the following qualities:
committed, consistent, knowledgeable and helpful in providing scaled movements, breathing
techniques and form, patient, understanding, and most importantly they provide support and
After 8 months of going to CFSH the following is what I have accomplished: 100 WODS, several
PRs including box jumps, lifting, and running a mile in less than 10 minutes (something I believed I
would accomplish only if I trained by running), making going to CFSH a habit, and how to eat clean
with Coach Keelee’s 12 week nutrition program. Additionally, from August to November, I lost 4.6
lbs. of fat tissue and gained .7 lbs. of lean tissue, my confidence level is a lot higher, I fit in the
clothes that was gathering dust in my closet, and overall since starting at CFSH, I have lost a total of
15-20 lbs.
Furthermore, my mentality has cleared up in the sense that I do not feel depressed often and have a
lot more self-esteem and self-confidence. Before CF, I felt like I was on a roller coaster that was out
of my control. I have never been diagnosed with any mental illness but mental illness does run deep
in my paternal side. I am grateful to have realized that for me, CF is my therapy.
Overall, I have learned that a healthy lifestyle is a habit for life which takes making the choice to stay
committed, consistent, and determined. You must decide to make it a part of your life that you
control. Also, being able to love yourself as well as being compassionate with yourself helps you
succeed in your fitness/weight loss/health journey. Lastly, for me, the coaches and community at
CFSH have helped keep me consistent in going to the box and NOT GIVE UP despite those days
that I feel depressed.