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“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.”

Meet Mel. She started CrossFit over 6 months. Her growth, her progress and her confidence shines brighter every time she steps into the gym. With every workout she pushes herself through not just physically but mentally. We’re so proud of Mel and her daily progress and determination to be better than yesterday!

How was your fitness and nutrition before starting at CrossFit Strength Haven?

Before CFSH, my fitness & nutrition were inconsistent. I didn’t know how to balance either and oftentimes I would let the stress of the day dictate if I went to do something with physical activity & how I ate. I was not actively going to a gym before CrossFit but always told myself that I would make time to go one day. My job requires a lot of walking & can be quite demanding physically & emotionally at times, so at the end of the day it was not uncommon for me to skip a workout & binge eat. I constantly felt there was no time for the gym, even when I did manage to get myself to show up I didn’t know what to do beyond the treadmill or elliptical. I would give up any time a workout got hard because I always felt tired. I would often find myself attempting online workout programs without seeing them through.

Why did you choose CFSH?

At the time I joined CFSH, I was not happy with the season of life that I was in. I knew I needed a change but I didn’t know what to do. I went to dinner one evening with my brother, who was a coach at CFSH, convinced me to try CrossFit. I knew it was something he really enjoyed because of the amount of days he would spend at the box & how much he always talked about it, but I never felt like it was something that I could do because of the intimidation of the barbells. But, with the convenience of the location being so close to my house & the comfort of knowing that I would have at least one person that I knew when I was working out, I decided to at least try it for a month and figured I would just quit if I didn’t like it. Spoiler: I didn’t quit.

How has it changed your life?

Oh, how has it not? It has made fitness a regular part of my weekly routine, I have a much better idea of what a healthy diet & portion size looks like after working with Keelee on the nutrition program & overall I just feel better about myself. I am fitting into clothes I haven’t fit into in the past couple of years. Aside from losing inches, CrossFit changed my life in ways I wasn’t even expecting. It gave me the confidence to push myself past what I thought was possible. My stamina has increased, my overall energy throughout the day has gotten significantly better & I am doing movements I NEVER thought I would do. For example, I climbed a rope! Like, a really, really, tall one. Prior to CrossFit I would have never even thought about it, let alone try it, but during one particular class I was presented with the challenge to do it & I was both surprised but incredibly proud of myself when I did! And to have a community that celebrates those victories with you is more than I could have asked for. All of the friends I have made so far truly makes the day and workouts worthwhile. Shout-out to Kate for being my very first CFSH friend! 🙂 Thank you so much to the coaching staff for all that you do. You all have made this gym a genuine home away from home.