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  1. Where were you before you started Crossfit from a fitness, health and mental perspective?

I’ll be honest – before I started crossfit, I was doing nothing physically. Over the course of 5 years I had put on weight, was eating garbage, stopped exercising and just let myself go. I was 38, had become a father, switched to a behind the desk job and felt there was nothing I could do to turn my physical health around. I would mope around the house and tell my wife how bad I felt about myself. I had no confidence and didn’t even enjoy being in family pictures. Late 2018, my doctor performed a physical and gave me the news – I was headed for a heart attack. My cholesterol, my blood pressure, my weight were all off the charts and I just sat there thinking this was how things were going to be. I was going to be an overweight, unhealthy father grinding it out each day. I didn’t want to accept this reality and knew I had to change my lifestyle.

  1. Why did you choose crossfit?

I chose crossfit because I liked the camaraderie and team aspect of exercising. The nature of everyone pushing each other to become better really spoke to me. I’ll admit that if I was going to get healthy, relying on just my will power was not going to be enough. I also had read about the constantly changing daily workouts. When I used to go the gym, I remember getting so bored with my workouts because I did the same stuff over and over again. If I was to stick to a new fitness plan, I knew I needed variation. I love how crossfit considers my experience level and allows me to try to hit measurable goals within each class. Oh yeah…and you randomly make awesome friends while doing this too. That little clap or a nudge from your workout buddies goes such a long way.

  1. How has it changed your life?

I feel leaner, I’m smiling again, I’m eating better and have so much more energy. Around the house, my wife has noticed my mood has changed and she can hear the joy I have when I tell her about what I accomplished in a workout. I also feel different at work. Colleagues have commented on my positive attitude and just overall doing things with more confidence. This last week, I had to go back to the doctor for a stress test on my heart. The doctor’s jaw dropped when my blood pressure readings were absolutely perfect not to mention crushing the endurance cycling part of the test. He asked what I’ve been doing and I proudly said I joined crossfit and I was working on being a better me. I called my wife, texted my sister after I got those results and for the first time in a long time, felt good about myself. I was proud I had stuck with something and had found a community that lifts people up no matter what experience level you have. It’s still early in my fitness process but I’m feeling really great, seeing some postive results and having a hell of a lot of fun. Thanks Crossfit coaches and to my 7PM workout friends for changing my life.