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1. Where were you before you started CrossFit from a fitness, health, and mental perspective?

Before CrossFit I considered myself to be in pretty good health, but I had no idea how much more potential I had! I had an injury five years ago that severed the muscle in the top part of my right leg, though I didn’t fully understand how serious that was. Once that healed I avoided using my leg very much but otherwise continued on as normal. I was aware I could no longer run (not even a quarter of a mile), couldn’t squat, and couldn’t do many other things I used to be able to do, but it was my new normal. A few years ago I started farming so I’m active all the time now, which is part of why I considered myself to be in pretty good health. I have gotten much stronger since I started farming; I can carry crates of potatoes all day and lift heavy stuff onto shelves above my head, but I’m always using my back to compensate for my leg. One of my concerns before starting CrossFit was that I would eventually have to give up the work I love so much, not because I wanted to but because of injury or chronic pain.

2. Why did you choose CrossFit?
I chose CrossFit because my partner wanted to try it I was tagging along. My record gym attendance before this was about once a week for a month or two (I found gyms wildly boring), and I didn’t have high hopes for sticking with CrossFit either. I never would have imagined I’d be this excited to attend 6 am class every weekday or that I would be practicing “box” jumps on furniture in my free time. It’s easily the community that makes CFSH different. I love knowing that the coaches are looking out for me, seeing the same faces every morning, and getting to work out with beast people who make me feel like one of the group. It’s the best way to start the day!

3. How has it changed your life?
In my everyday/work life I’m doing more physically and experiencing less pain than before. For example, today I moved about twenty 50# bags of sulfur, including stacking them in some hard to reach places (much legs!), and I did not have to put my back into it at all. And I CAN RUN A MILE AGAIN—no stopping!!! That’s the first time in five years. I’ve also learned that the endorphin high is real (always thought that was a myth) and I want it all the time now. Seeing how much I’ve improved in such a short time has changed the way I think, as well. I’m excited to take on new challenges and willing to push myself to get there. I’m practicing new skills like jump rope that I never would have considered trying before, just because it’s fun to improve. I want push my limits and do whatever I want to with no health limitations. CrossFit is definitely the most fun way to get there!