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1. Where were you before you started CrossFit from a fitness, health, and mental perspective?
Before I started CrossFit, I had been playing roller derby (a full contact sport on 8 wheels) for a few years.  When I started, I could barely make it around the track unassisted. After a couple years I had earned a spot on my leagues “B team” and played competitively in my free time. I really enjoyed tracking my progress while playing derby – it’s both a team and individual sport. But as my work life started demanding more of me I saw myself plateauing and not improving on the track. While I enjoyed the sport, I wasn’t feeling like I was improving my fitness and began to look into CrossFit gyms. I had viewed CrossFit as something “fit” people do – something that I probably couldn’t do at my weight and activity level. I was pretty nervous giving it a try, but I finally convinced my partner Lucia to try it with me. After our first workout we were both hooked.
2. Why did you choose CrossFit?
I picked CrossFit over other activities for a couple reasons. I wanted that community feel that I had with roller derby, as well as an activity I could grow with and track my progress. It is really satisfying for me to get better at something over time and know that my effort pays off. I will always pick something intense and exciting over something mellow – so CrossFit is a good fit!
3. How has it changed your life?
I have gained more fitness in 8 weeks of CrossFit than I had in 3 years of roller derby. I attribute that to the many different kinds of activities and movements I get to try in my workout and the excellent coaches here at CFSH who push me to do better. I have so much more energy (which is keeping me sane in my first year of teaching) and I love starting my day off with a workout (shout out to my 6am buddies!) It’s also been amazing to do this with my partner and challenge each other and hold each other accountable. Every part of my day improves when I start my day with CrossFit!