The Open

In the stereotypical voice of Dave Castro, “The 2018 CrossFit Open … is … (finger in the air) … (smile) … (point to random person in the crowd) … OVER”.

Five workouts, five weeks, all culminated to one final score. For the elite, The Open is a light speed bump on their road to the Games. For us rest of mere mortals, it is the height of our competitive CrossFit season. 

In 2018, Dave Castro decided to use The Open to completely set a new standard of fitness. From introducing ring muscle ups and handstand walks to testing the CrossFit community’s capacity for HEAVY deadlifts and literally hundreds of double unders (yay), The 2018 CrossFit Open was a wake up call. Muscle ups are now a must. Handstand pushups with a plate is the new norm. WODs without dumbbells is for dummies. The Open was a humbling experience for all of us because it exposed weaknesses, it revealed deficiencies in training, but it perhaps also surprised us with newfound strengths. Whether you finished first among your peers or dead last, by simply participating in The Open you already succeeded. 

You succeeded because you showed up to CrossFit’s annual check-up for fitness. The Open is the one thing all of us CrossFitters do every year to make sure we are on track to longevity, so by participating in The Open you metaphorically (for some, literally) gave blood and let the professionals test your vital signs. Some of those results may have been exciting, others frustrating, but at the end of the day it is just a tick mark. It’s a statistic of where you are today, this year. It’s not the end of your progress, but rather a single milestone in your journey to fitness. If it’s a good result, great! Keep it good. If it’s a bad result, even better! The margin of improvement will be that much greater come next year.

What matters most from here on out is what you do with that margin. We all have an entire year to steer our health in a new direction, each decision chipping away towards a better version of ourselves. Given the challenges and experiences Dave Castro gave us this year, how will you spend your time? The 2019 CrossFit season starts now. Get after it.