CFSH is proud to announce that October’s Athlete of the Month is Lisa Hill! If you’ve ever joined a noon class for a workout, then you’ve probably met Lisa. She is a dedicated nooner, and she’s usually working out right by the fan!  She gives each day all she’s got and then some. You’ll find her staying after class to work on her GOATS and constantly seeking improvement. She is encouraging to her fellow athletes and to herself. She’s always willing to give a helping hand for events at CFSH. We’re so grateful that Lisa is a part of the fitfam here at CFSH!

When and how did you get started with CFSH? 
After a solid year off of crossfit after moving to Austin, I saw a post on Nextdoor about CFSH opening, and stopped by for a Saturday workout. Had a great time, despite feeling pretty defeated in that workout, and signed up for a year! 

What has been your favorite workout? Not so favorite? 
Crossfit total is always my favorite - I love seeing how far I’ve come, and setting goals for the future. Least favorite… anything with burpees for time! 

In 3 words or less, what does CrossFit mean to you? 
Achieving new goals

What is your favorite “comfort food” meal?
In VA, we have a magical grocery store called Wegmans. Their chicken Alfredo pasta bake was amazing, especially on a cold winter night. I may have to get it on the next trip back!

What would motivate you to run a marathon?
I used to run half marathons, and it was definitely the carb loading! 

Any celebrity you get told that you look like?
No :( haha

What habits drive you crazy?
Loud chewing makes me ragey 

What’s your guilty pleasure TV show?
Well it ended, but Pretty Little Liars kept me busy for a while 

Tim Strawn

Published by Tim Strawn