“I love running” — said no one. 

I know, I know. Running the one thing that everyone seems to hate, I get it, but hear me out. It is actually the part of the WOD we should be enjoying the most. Hopefully by the end of this you will agree.

Believe it or not, runs are usually programmed within workouts to give your muscles a little rest. Yes, you read that right, I said rest. When coupled with heavy barbell work or strenuous gymnastics movements, running is built-in rest for your muscles before they are expected to work again. It is your opportunity to regain composure and rekindle your sense of control over the workout.

Regardless of how fast or slow your tempo, the run is where you should be recovering. The best way for your muscles to recover is with a healthy supply of oxygen, so take deep breaths. During the run nothing else is important, just you and your breath. Maybe breathe in for 3 steps and out for 2 steps, or if you’re really huffing and puffing try breathing in for 2 steps and out for 1 breath, or 1 and 1. Doesn’t matter, just get a rhythm going. I like to use the first half of the run to catch my breath and come back down to earth and then pick up the pace on the second half. Give it a shot, it might work for you, too.

In summary, when running: find a tempo, breathe to that tempo, and recover. It’s as simple as that. As for the mechanics of running, that is for another time. Until then, I recommend looking at Phil Bayliss. The man runs like a thoroughbred racehorse. It’s absolutely beautiful. 

Until next time.

Tyler  (CFSH Athlete)