Emily Barris

CFSH is proud to announce our June Athlete of the Month…Emily Barris!  I’m sure you’ve all noticed her tremendous growth over the last few months. She’s climbing ropes, working on those butterfly pull-ups, honing in on her technique with Olympic lifts, and she’s bound and determined to be a double under master!  You might have seen her staying after class or working on these things before class. She puts in the work and it’s paying off. She’s constantly learning and applying. You represent CFSH proudly and we’re so thrilled you’re a part of our community!

How long have you been doing CrossFit? 
Almost 4 years - roughly 3 years at a gym in Houston and a proud OG at Crossfit Strength Haven. Since joining CFSH my skills have improved across the board and things that I’ve struggled with (or didn’t even try) for a long time are starting to fall in to place. It’s really rewarding.

What has been your favorite workout ? 
Cindy, Dirty Thirty or Fight Gone Bad.

What is your least favorite workout ?
Nancy - OHS is a big weakness.

What’s the wallpaper on your phone right now ? 
My favorite of our wedding photos. It’s Matt and I standing in a field wearing matching aviators. The last time we visited that park (Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center - it’s beautiful, if you haven’t been there, go) there was a rattlesnake in the same field. I’m glad there wasn’t one that day or the wedding would have gone south real quick…

Favorite music album of all time? 
Guster “Lost and Gone Forever” circa 1999.

Any celebrity you get told that you look like?
Anne Hathaway

What was your first car?
A manual 2-door Honda Civic. I didn’t know how to drive stick when I bought the car but it was cheaper - so I learned quickly and drove it from Dallas to Austin 2 days later.

Tim Strawn

Published by Tim Strawn