It’s not easy to choose Athlete of the Month with so many dedicated and hardworking athletes at CFSH. We see you guys staying after class to work on your butterfly pull-ups, or asking for help with double unders or pushing yourself to climb to the top of that rope. It’s because of athletes like you that make CFSH such a strong and dedicated community!

Without further adieu…we present April’s Athlete of the Month THU TRUONG!
Thu is a model athlete. She comes in early, puts in solid effort during class, stays after to work on skill work, asks questions, asks for help, always striving to improve, responds to coaching, attends social events and you know she LOVES to cheer others on!  Seeing her progress in lifting and skill work has been incredible but seeing her confidence grow has been the most amazing of all. Thu, we’re so thankful that you’re a part of the CFSH family, keep up the hard work!

 - What are three words that you would use to describe CrossFit?

- What is your favorite movement in CrossFit?
It is pull up now. I never thought I would able to do it. Actually I hated it because my hands got hurt every time I did. Since I saw everyone at CFSH do it in the WOD and I would tell myself that I had to try and do it too. I wanted to able to do in the WOD also. And I got it and love it now.

- What is your least favorite movement?
My least favorite is rope climb

- What’s the best part of working out at CFSH?
The best part of working out at CFSH is the WOD. It is really kills me after all but I love it.  I feel I have a real workout.

-What is your favorite thing to do on a Saturday night?
My favorite thing to do on Saturday night is watch movies and hang out with my kids.

-What are your hidden talents?
I don’t have any hidden talents. (Sorry Thu, I totally disagree. You have the best cheering ability I’ve ever seen!)

-Where was the last place you went for vacation?
I went to Colorado.

-You have the whole day, responsibility-free, what do you do?
  I go to CFSH and work out then watch movies

Keelee Mitchel

Published by Keelee Mitchel