CrossFit came into my life somewhere around May 2011.  Up to that point in my life, my weight had gone through the progressively upward roller coaster of weight gain and loss.  When CrossFit was introduced, I had worked my way back down to 190 lb. from my before picture of 225 lb.  A coworker started Kandahar CrossFit, which still exists, in his spare time.  There was little equipment.  The pull up rigs were built with 2x4s.  It was all outside, and honestly, it looked hard.  After some reluctance, he talked me into coming to a class.  The class was maxing their snatch for the day, but since I didn’t know what that was, I was doing overhead squats.  I couldn’t  overhead an empty bar and became frustrated.  Not the frustration that causes a person to quit.  It was the frustration of wanting to do it, and one would say that I was hooked from there.  I wasn’t in Kandahar the majority of my deployment, so I spent the year researching movements and executing to the best of my ability.  I began eating “Paleo”  cause that’s what you did back then.  I had two bags that I carried to outposts.  One was for work.  The other had clothes, of course, but it also had a set of rings, a jump rope, and food.  The food was to hold me over till I got back to a major base.  This kept me from being restricted to field rations.  I was tracking WOD times and weights.  My Fran time back then was around 8-9 minutes.  It was also at 65 pounds — crazy how far I’ve come.  My weight came down to about 175, and I had abs.  This was also time in a CrossFitter’s life where they annoy people into doing CrossFit.  My coworkers joked at my pitch to random Soldiers. “Hey, do you use TIGR? No.  You want to? Ok.  Do you CrossFit?  No.  You want to?”  It was a win win if they started using/doing both.

In conclusion, CrossFit changed my life.  I now had something that  was varied and constantly challenging.  There was always something else to work on.  There was statistics to geek out on and numbers to track.  No longer was it “just go” running because I didn’t know what else to do.  It also brought my diet into check.  Workouts are easier when you eat cleaner.  The pic on the right was a vacation a year and a half later from the before picture—yep that’s a vacation photo.  I weighed about 175-180 there and that is where my weight remains today.  CrossFit will be apart of my workout

Tim Strawn

Published by Tim Strawn