Remember when your mom used to say that to you?  And you probably replied “I don’t wanna!” Well kids, mom has a point!  While there are a few people on the planet who just love veggies and regularly consume them, most of us struggle with getting the daily dose.  With so many processed foods out there and their quick open & eat appeal, the all mighty vegetable is often overlooked.  

Changes in your eating habits should err on the side of slow, to ensure that the effect is adapted and leads to longevity of the new behavior.  A great and effective way to increase your veggie consumption is to simply add 1 serving of vegetables to your meals.  When you scramble eggs in the morning, add a handful of diced cauliflower in with it or a handful of spinach - both are relatively tasteless but they add volume to your meal and both are great for digestion.  Having a sandwich for lunch?  Pack a bag of carrots for the crunch.  Feeling snacky?  Cut up some cucumbers (have you added lime to your cucumbers yet?  Life. Changing.) or cut up some celery and dip it in some type of nut butter.  

For some, this change will come relatively easy.  If you feel you already eat a substantial amount of veggies, go ahead and try to add two veggies per meal.  If you’ve been neglecting the almighty vegetable food group, then start small.  Add a handful of veggies to every other meal, then over time, bump it up to each meal.  

So kids, listen to your mom and eat your veggies.  Your heart, blood, digestive system, hair, nails, skin, eyes, brain function, sleep quality and your workouts will thank you for it!  

Keelee Mitchel

Published by Keelee Mitchel