by Tyler Angulo


A $15 pair of shoes is disposable. A $150 pair of shoes is an investment. While you use and abuse the former, you protect and care for the latter.

The beauty of CrossFit is that it requires you to make an investment in your health. Both physically and financially, CrossFit forces you to adapt. For example, triple-digit membership fees have a funny way of getting you to actually show up to class. CrossFit as a whole forces you to find, rather quickly, the quality of foods and rest needed to adequately recover from such strenuous workouts. Muscle soreness and mobility deficits encourage you to stretch, to foam roll, and to actually address your body’s “little niggles”. In order to continue functioning in other areas of your life, you are forced to eat healthier, to go to bed sooner, to budget for your health expenses.

In perspective, however, the CrossFit investment is directly proportional to the amount of value it brings into your life. It is a community of genuine friends, personalized small-group coaching, with fun and constantly varied programming. CrossFit is a humbling form of exercise, to say the least, that actually encourages habitual challenges outside your comfort zone. 

Too often it seems individuals need to let themselves go sufficiently enough before they realize that they need to make their health a priority. Or, worse, that they need to get sufficiently back-in-shape before they can start CrossFit. We hope for you that is not the case. We hope you make the investment sooner rather than later. Future YOU will thank you later.