• CrossFit Strength Haven Rest Days!!!!

    Rest Days
  • CrossFit Strength Haven October Athlete of Month

    CFSH is proud to announce that October’s Athlete of the Month is Lisa Hill! If you’ve ever joined a noon class for a workout, then you’ve probably met Lisa. She is a dedicated nooner, and she’s usually working out right by the fan!  She gives each day all she’s got and then some. You’ll find her staying after class to work on her GOATS and constantly seeking improvement. She is encouraging to her fellow athletes and to herself. She’s always willing to give a helping hand for events at CFSH. We’re so grateful that Lisa is...
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  • CrossFit Strength Haven Butternut squash soup

    Spicy Butternut Squash Soup

    In Texas, we like to believe that winter is a thing.  I still like to believe it from time to time when I’m cooking. Some of my favorite things to cook should be done when the weather is cold outside.  Just pretend it is or save this recipe for a cold day.  I was given this recipe a few years back, and every time it comes out great. Butternut squash is typically available year-round, but I’m pretty sure it’s a winter squash–could be wrong. It’s sweet, and it doesn’t taste quite like pumpkin.  The sweetness blends...
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  • CrossFit Strength Haven September Athlete of the Month

    CFSH is proud to announce that September’s Athlete of the Month is Scott Tucker! Chances are if you’ve ever worked out in the evening at the box, you’ve met Scott. He’s got a great, positive attitude and he’s usually already sweating before the warm-up has started! He’s the guy getting fired up before lifts and the WOD. He fights his way through each WOD until he calls time and then he’s immediately cheering on his fellow athletes. He loves a good competition and shows great sportsmanship. He’s open to coaching and help from everyone and he’s...
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  • CrossFit Strength Haven August Athlete of the Month


    CFSH is happy to announce that August’s Athlete of the Month is Scotland Allen! Since he’s joined the box we have seen tremendous progress and accomplishments from him across all domains of CrossFit. Scotland juggles a work schedule and family life and still makes time to get to the gym. If he’s unavailable to get in at 6am, chances are he’ll be at the noon or evening classes putting in the work. He has a go-for-it attitude and will give anything a shot.  He’s always got a positive demeanor...
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  • CrossFit Strength Haven Running Blog


    “I love running” — said no one. 

    I know, I know. Running the one thing that everyone seems to hate, I get it, but hear me out. It is actually the part of the WOD we should be enjoying the most. Hopefully by the end of this you will agree.

    Believe it or not, runs are usually programmed within workouts to give your muscles a little rest. Yes, you read that right, I said rest. When coupled with heavy barbell work or strenuous gymnastics movements, running is built-in rest for your muscles before they are expected to work again....
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  • CrossFit Strength Haven Homemade Nutella

    When we were on vacation in February, the hotel had so kindly placed Nutella (warmed up) by the french toast platter…o.m.g! And this is EXACTLY why I can not keep it in my house…I’d be eating it by the spoonful. 

    Nutella has the good fats in them from the hazelnuts. But it’s also loaded with lots of sugar. So to fix my ongoing sweet tooth and get my good fats at bedtime, I present to you: Homemade Nutella.

    100g Hazelnuts (bulk section)
    3 tbsp Special Dark Cocoa Powder  (unsweetened)
    1 serving chocolate Whey protein (I used Revive Recover...
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